Punjab budget to be presented on Friday
Govt, of Punjab Update budget to be presented on 12 June 2015 Govet Of Punjab Budeget Date Announced on 12 June 2015 on Monday has summoned Punjab Assembly’s session over the summary of Punjab government on 10 june 2015.

The meeting would be headed by Speaker Rana Mohammad Iqbal.

Finance Minister Ayesha Ghaus will present Punjab’s budget on June 12 at 2 pm in Punjab Assembly.

The Punjab government is presenting its tax-free budget on June 12 next Friday.

Imposing tax on usage of internet data services of mobile phone users to generate additional revenues for meeting the annual revenue target.

19.5 per cent tax on internet services over 2Mbps and for bills exceeding Rs.1,500 per month.

56 percent population of Pakistan will be liable to pay service taxes on internet usage for 3G, 4G, broadband, EVO or anything internet communication with speeds exceeding 2Mbps if the monthly bill for their service exceeds Rs1,500 per month.

Pakistan is considered as the country with fourth highest taxes on telecom sector, including

Sales Tax on Mobile Phone (Rs150-500),

IMEI Tax (Rs150-500),

SIM Activation Tax (Rs250 usually paid by telcos).

FED/Sales Tax on calls.

SMS (18.5% and 19.5%).

Advance Tax/WHT (14%).

FED on banking services/ branch-less banking transfer charges (16%).

Taxes on operators (33% of Taxable Profit or 17% of Accounting Profit or 1% Annual Turnover).

Advance Tax at Import Stage (5.5% of value of goods which is considered as final tax).



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