Budget 2015 to 2016
Detail of New Revised Grade 1 to 21 Pay Scale Chart Budget 2015–16. Ishaq Dar will present the Nawaz third budget in parliment on friday. New revised budget table 2015 is preparing.

Nawaz Sharif Ordered Pay Scale Revision of Govt Employees in Budget 2015-16.Increase in Pay of Government Employee From Grade 1 to 21.Pay Scale 2012-13 (Full Chart) & Unified Pay Scales 2015-16.

I personally met with a Security Guard, who was receiving 12,000 salary for 12 hours without any rest for 30 days. It means the said security guard is doing 4 hours daily extra duty which comes equal to 15 days + 4 rests of one month. So, for the labor of 30+15+4=49 days, he is getting Rs.12,000/-.

BPS Pay Scales of Government Pakistan Employees Detail In PakistanTypes of Government Servants in Pakistan.Govt Employees’ Salaries Increase in Budget 2015-2016.
Govt Pay Complete Chart 01Govt Pay Complete Chart 02




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