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NTS Test reasult of Punjab Police Department Junior Clerk (BP-7). NTS has been announced the reasult of Punjab Police Department Junior Clerk (BP-7). Now all student can download reasult from NTS official website or www.hamaridunya.pk . Test date is 26th april 2015, 3rd may 2015, 10th may 2015.

Test Dates
Sunday, 26th April 2015
Sunday, 3rd May 2015
Sunday, 10th May 2015

Punjab Police History

The system of policing in Mughal India was organized on the basis of land tenure. Zamindars were responsible for apprehending disturbers of the public peace and performing other policing duties. At the level of the village, these functions were performed by the village headmen. In large towns, administration of the police was entrusted to functionaries called kotwals who discharged the combinedduties of law enforcement, municipal administration and revenue collection. Patrol officers in form of village watchmen or patels in villages and peons, horse patrolmen and such other like men in the towns were present. Violent organized crime was usually dealt with by the military.



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