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Khaadi Lawn Latest Eid Collection 2015 Available in Store. Khadi latest eid collection are available in store. khadi suits are available in 2 pcs suit, 3 pcs suit and 4 pcs suit. you can buy khadi suit of your choice online. All dresses are beautiful and with beautiful colours.

Khaadi In Pakistan

In Pakistan, the famous khaddar cloth is made in the town of Kamalia in Punjab Province and is also exported worldwide. In recent years, khaddar has seen a popular revival in Pakistan.Khadi over the decades has moved from a freedom fighter’s identity fabric to a fashion garment. Today’s Khadi has many faces which are not just restricted to cotton. The precise technology involved in the production of Khadi varies from region to region, as do the techniques used for its decoration (dyeing, embroidery, printingetc). Today there is such an increasing demand for Khadi that despite the millions of workers all over the country involved in spinning it, they are unable to meet the demand from the market. Yet it is this handmade quality of the fabric with its inherent defects that is the beauty of Khadi. And that exclusivity is what the Khadi connoisseur craves at all times. Khadi is not just a sound economic proposition but also a science and a romance.

Khaadi Eid dresses 4 pc suits, 3pcs suits and 2pc suits are entangled with squashy smooth fabric, luminous colors, breathtaking artworks and flora printing. Moreover, length of the shirt fabric is longer than before because of the latest trend in long shirts.

You can also buy these beautiful dresses of your choice by online stores. Khaadi fashion brand was introduced in 1998 and with the passage of time it is getting more popularity day by day

Full matching Dupatta with the patterns of  printed shirt. single color dyed trouser, with chiffon dupatta in money dresses and in some dresses lawn dupatta.Fashion designers have found Khadi their canvas for imaginative creations.

Khaadi Lawn Latest Eid Collection 2015




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