Ruet e Hilal Committee
Live Update of Ruet-e-Hilal Committee session to be held on June 17, 2015. Ruet-e-Hilal commitee session held on 17th june 2015 which is responsible for the sighting of the new moon that is the signal of the start of holy month ramzan-ul-mubarik.

Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman will preside over the central committee session in Karachi at the Meteorological Department office on University road.

In Saudi Arabia, the Supreme Court has called upon Muslims to sight the moon on Tuesday night and to report any sightings – whether by naked eye or telescope – to the nearest court.

However astronomers in the Kingdom are skeptical of sighting the new moon on Tuesday night and expect Ramzan to begin on Thursday in Saudi Arabia.

whereas the maximum time limit to see the crescent is 8:02 p.mBesides this the age of moon at the sunset will be 24 hours and 14 minutes.On the other hand in Quetta, the moon will be 25 hours and three minutes old whereas the angle of the crescent on the horizon will be seven degrees.

However, scientifically the minimum age of moon should be 26 hours and should have an angle of more than eight degrees to have a clear sight of it.Similarly, the difference between sun setting and moon rising on the coastal areas of Balochistan will be 38 minutes while there must be a difference of 40 minutes to sight the moon by naked eye.

Keeping in view all the circumstances, the chances of moon sighting are less across the country.Head of Ruet-e-Hilal Research Council Mufti Khalid Aijaz also states that the month of Shaban will be of 30 days.The first fast may be on Friday, as said by the Met Office.



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