RamzanIn Saudia Arabia the Ramzan Moon Sighted 1st Ramazan on June 18. The Ramzan moon sighted in saudia arabia the first ramzan in saudia arabia on 18th june 2015. the country will  observe first ramzan on 18th june 2015.

Riadh 17th June 2015 (Wednesday)-: Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has announced that the first day of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan will be Thursday June 18, Al Arabiya reported.

The country will observe first Ramadan on Thursday on 18th of June. All eyes were on UAE and many other Arab countries today. The UAE’s and Saudi Arabia’s Supreme courts which met today for moon sighting in their respectivenations have finally made an announcement regarding witnessing the Ramadan crescent.

Moreover, Pakistan’s moon sighting committee is also meeting today to witness crescent of Ramadan, which so far has not made any declaration. It is expected that first Ramadan in Pakistan will be on Friday.

The European countries such as London, Germany, France and more who fast according to Saudi Arabia will observe 1st Ramadan on Thursday. Also The Ramadan Moon in India is also be decided on Wednesday as Indian Muslims arefasting with saudi arabia or With the neighbouring county Pakistan.Moon Sighting of Ramada and Eid ul Fitr is been always create Big hipe in pakistan and India as in Pakistan There will be  e Moon sighting happen as Once in KPK and other in Punjab and other cities of pakistan.




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