Mazaaq Raat

Mazaq Raat (Comedy Show ) 21 January 2016.Mazaaq Raat Comedy Show 12th January 2016 On Dunya News. Mazaaq Raat Comedy Show 21th January 2016 On Dunya News has been announced.

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Noman Ejaz left that show due some other works but now Vasay Chaudhry hosts the show. The show is recorded in front of a studio audience at Dunya News headquarters. In August 2013, a pilot show was broadcast to gauge its audience appeal. During the pilot, the cast was introduced as:

  • Chacha Bashir played by Amanullah Khan, a head constable police official who is one year from retirement
  • Pappu Allrounder played by Sakhawat Naz, an unemployed young man who has learned many skills during his unemployment
  • Ardli played by Iftikhar Thakur, an employee of the President House

When the show was started in series format, some of the characters were modified. Mujahid Abbas and Sardar Kamal appeared on some shows as well. Astrologer Samiah Khan also appeared on some shows, playing the character of Chacha Bashir’s fiancée.

in a relatively short span of time, this show has managed to capture the love of audience. it was the most watched show of 2014.

Mazaaq Raat (Comedy Show )21 January 2016 Part 1

Mazaaq Raat (Comedy Show) 21January 2016 Part 2

Mazaaq Raat (Comedy Show) 21 January 2016 Part 3

Mazaaq Raat (Comedy Show) 21January 2016 Part 4



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