23 March 194023 March 1940 History Of Pakistan 2016 HD Wallpaper Download. It is also known as the Lahore Resolution day of Frankness, Liberty, Freedom and Emancipation Day in the Pakistan’s History. 23 March has a great importance and significance concerning the Pakistani. Pakistan is that country in the history for its strong and strict culture and civilizations which no person can’t forget and disregard for the past era.

Pakistan have short history just like the primary concept of Pakistan became saved by using Allama Muhammad Iqbal in 29th December 1930, name Pakistan became claim in twenty eighth January 1933

In Urdu the Lahore decision is known as the Qarardad e Lahore and Pakistan decision is called the Qarardad e Pakistan.23 march 1940 history in urdu. speeches for 23rd march 2016 in urdu. essay on pakistan day celebration 23 march. qarardad e pakistan 23 march 1940 in urdu.

This resolution was a milestone in the history of making Pakistan since all of Muslims of sub continent became agreed on making a homeland for themselves where they can live with comfort.Pakistan day is observed not only by the people of Pakistan but nationally too which is what it deserves.

Pakistan day parade is one of the examples of celebrating it on national level. On 23rd march Pakistan dayparade is observed. All the armed forces including Army, navy and air force used to show their expertise during the Pakistan day parade. The professional expertise by them makes this day more prideful that we are being protected by world most powerful army.

The president, prime minister and heads of armed forces inspect the Pakistan day parade. Pakistan day parade is celebrated in Islamabad. The best thing about Pakistan day celebrations is parade because singers both folk and national ones performs on beats of patriotism. The colorful Pakistan day celebrations are all about the provinces that show their talents and specialty while marching at Pakistan day parade.

After President and prime minister attained the Pakistan day parade another ceremony is waiting for them which are also essential in making Pakistan day celebrations more meaningful it the acknowledgement of talented of Pakistan.



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