imran Khan Speech

Imran Khan Speech In PTI Jalsa Islamabad 24th April 2016.This PTI jalsa is being held after the scam of Panama Leaks. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is trying to gather 2 lac peoples in this ground. Which is new for the political parties. Before this Public rallies were held at D Chowk Islamabad. Intelligence agencies are expecting the participant of 30-40 thousands of peoples. How man people will come in Jalsa it will be count on 24-04-2016 Sunday Evening.

Imran Khan Address:-

Chirmain PTI Mr. Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi will address the Party Convocation cum jalsa. Imran Khan’s Address will start at 08:00 PM.

Pakistan tehreek e insaf (pti) is busy in making arrangements to hold a large public meeting on April 24th 2016 Before Jalsa. PTI Jalsa Islamabad 24th April 2016 Watch Online Dailymotion April 24th, 2016 · Events · Comments. Imran Khan Speech. Pakistan tehreek insaf invited PTI workers and Pakistani people to reach their 24th April Jalsa.

PTI said that it is the Commission headed by Chief Justice “TOP Imran Khan Jalsa Islamabad” are shaped together and make PTI “The resistance and the legislature. The clergyman can not substantiate himself guiltless and Committee was apprehension Mian responsibility,

Khan said the enormous 4 PM on charges of duty avoidance, tax evasion, debasement and blamed for concealing resources. After allegations the Prime Minister can not govern without good legitimization. He said that along these lines of legal request would not end the request more than 5 years and the legislature can just warning. He Imran Khan Jalsa Islamabad Civil Court of the Commission.

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