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Labour Day 1st May 2016 Hd Wallpapers.Pakistan Labour Day First May 2016 Wall Paper Download. Labour Day Celebrate in Pakistan 1st May 2016 Wallpapers. Download Beautiful Labour Day Wallpaper 2016. Labour Day to Celebrate in Pakistan 1st May 2016 Wallpapers.

Message of 1st May is Below: Salute to Labours

Labour Day

Labour Day::Celebrate in Pakistan 1st May 2016 Wallpapers Labour Day would be celebrated in several countries including in Pakistan on May 1, 2016(Thursday).
The Day is marked by different rallies and seminars to highlight the fundamental and basic rights of theworking class.

labor day 2016

May Day is a day of special significance for organised workers, as it serves to remind others what their collective strength has achieved for workers. By making it a public holiday, the Government of Singapore had intended it to be a day set aside in honour of workers and their contributions to the country.

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May Day 1986 marked the 25th anniversary of NTUC. In his message, Mr Ong Teng stated that tripartite cooperation has helped to achieve a standard of living for the people of Singapore rivalled by few in the Asian region. He called for the resolve to put the true spirit of tripartite cooperation between labour, management and the government to the test through the economic recession.

Labour Day May 1 2016

seminars and rallies where union leaders deliver speeches emphasizing the history ofLabour Day and its importance. Workers and unions arrange street processions, and this portrays solidarity with workers around the world.



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