Tanzeem Ul Madaris

Tanzeem Ul Madaris Darja-e-Kutb Annual Exams Date Sheet 2016.The first word revealed of the Qur’an was iqra Read! the Quran instructed. Seek knowledge! Lead yourselves out of ignorance! The Prophet (peace be upon him) declared seeking knowledge an obligation upon every Muslim. He explained that the superiority of the one who has knowledge over the one who merely worships is like the superiority of the moon over every other heavenly body.

Tanzeem Ul Madaris Ahle Sunnat (Hijri 1437 ) Darja-e-Kutb annual exams 2016 date sheet has been announced by the Tanzeem Ul Madaris Ahle Sunnat (Hijri 1437 ) for all male & female students & all students of Tanzeem Ul Madaris Ahle Sunnat (Hijri 1437 ) Darja-e-Kutb annual exams 2016 date sheet here at this page which we also uploaded here at this page this can also you free download here at this page.

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