Federal budget announcement

Gov,t Federal “Budget” Salary Increase Pension Chart 2016-17 Announced better benefits instead of previous year. If the resources are below than the expenditure the government decides how to manage the resources to meet the expenditure like foreign loan from different country.

Gov,t Federal Budget 2016-17 Salary Increase Pension Chart Finance Minister Ishaq Dardevelop budget 2016-2017 and discussed decide salary increase and allocate how much budget utilized in Pakistan steel mill, PIA and all other department according to their need and according to their sources and current economic situation challenge. The finance budget describe the criteria how much percentage increase the pension of the retire employee.

government and also increase in the GDP percentage and raise the taxes, and discuss in the budget about the electricity which is the key of Pakistan economy and industry growth for this purpose decide the link with other country to make help to reduce the electricity crises and allocate budget, Also keep in view the government decide to attract the foreign investor to start the business in Pakistan which give the employment opportunities and increase the living standard of the people and increase in GDP.

Education sector and services sector are important current budget has been provided 75 million in the Budget 2016, 2017 to the education sector which is much than

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