Federal budget announcement

Online Budget (2016 -17) | Salary | Pension Increase it is also said that price of petrol and other daily goods are reasonable so there is no need to increase pay and allowances more than said increase. For final decision of increase in pay and Allowances, meeting will be held on last week of this month in chairmanship of finance Minister in the Finance Division.

Every year all the governmental servants wait for this time when the government announced the budget that is well time for them they can idealize that what is the next year situation for them. salaries increase on this webpage now.

should be added to their basic. So, to add 2 allowances in running basic increased in salary to 7.5%.Now Govt servants in all departments will enjoy adding Adhoc 2011, Adhoc 2012 allowances in basic pay and get 7.5 % increasing in salary. Here you will find revised basic pay scale chart 2015. Last scale revised in 2011 and now after 4 years scale has been revised.

Pay and Allowances only 8% increase Budget 2016-2017

increase pay allowances budget 2016 2017



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