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Watch Pti Swat Jalsa Imran Khan Speech 22 May 2016 Live.Pti Swat Jalsa 22 May 2016 Imran Khan, Executive PTI Mr. Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi will address a major Jalsa e aam at Grassi ground Mingora. This is acclaimed venue , where practically every PTI will demonstrate political movement in Swat today. Tsunami waves will come in Swat today. Preparations were completed Grossi Ground Mingora.

The players will captain warm blood. They take more than twenty thousand chairs at the venue. Seventy feet long and forty feet wide stage has been developed.DJ Butt will also stimulate your magic. Ground went around the party flag and sign s leaders. Workers have the enthusiasm that touched the sky. It took a stall at the venue around. PTI selling caps and badges look faction trunk.

According to reliable sources Imran Khan will announced following two steps of development for the people of swat and Malakand Division.:-

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Swat Expressway:-

This four lane motorway type expressway will be 81 kilometers long. It will start from M1 Motorway at Sher Khan Interchange and will terminate at Chakdara.

New District of Swat:-

District Swat will be divided into two parts. New district will consist of areas belonging to upper swat.



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