Summer Vacation

(KPK) Schools Stopped Collecting Advance Summer Vacations Fees Online.The Commissioner said that the parents were filing complaints about the private schools. A meeting, chaired by Additional Deputy Commissioner, Irshad Sodhar, also took place to discuss the matter of summer tuition fees.

Parents’ representatives, BISEP and consumer protection association officials attended the meeting. It was during the meeting, that the decision to stop schools from receiving any fee, other than tuition fee, was made.

Private schools have become an uncontrolled mafia in Pakistan. These private schools make billions of rupees each year, yet, they keep increasing the fees.

It is also a known fact that students are forced to pay fees for several months, after they stop coming to schools, in order to get their school leaving certificates.

It won’t be wrong to say that private schools are ripping off students and their parents, and that the standard of education that they are currently delivering can be justified grounds for a fee increase.

If you have any complaint about advance fees of summer vacation in KPK, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit must share at comment section below.



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