Pakistan Federal Budget 2016

Live, Pakistan Federal Budget 2016-17 Speech Online.Federal budget for next year, 2016-17 will be presented in the National Assembly, the Federal Finance Minister. Total budget of over Rs 44 billion. Three-point deficit estimate of GDP is likely to be Rs 860 billion for the Defense of the estimated eight percent hy.bjt. FBR tax receipts target of Rs 36 and 21 billion fitrana; whereas it is possible to expect in terms of the amount allocated 169 billion in subsidies to various sectors.

In terms of debt to pay Rs 1354 billion pysnz is expected to be Rs 245 billion. It is expected that the budget of the Prime Minister directed the focus to the agricultural sector will benefit.Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar federal budget contains a volume of approximately 4 thousand billion worth half 17-2016 for the next fiscal year will be presented in Parliament today.

Besides the medical allowance and any additional proposition? allowance that the proposed 15% increase in pensions for retired employees. According to the budget for the coming fiscal budget to Rs 860 billion, while taxreceipts target according to the given data in the draft proposal of 3 thousand 620 billion ADP volume which was Rs one thousand 675 billion the size of the federal PSDP will be around Rs 800 billion.

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Target of tax receipts in the next fiscal year’s budget had proposed Rs 3620 billion, Rs 1354 billion for interestpayments on debt in the budget, Rs 245 billion for pension payments, the federal government’s service deliveryexpenses. to Rs 348 billion to Rs 169 billion in subsidies setting common, provinces pay Rs 40 billion for grants and other grants under inter propose to allocate Rs. 54 billion Education budget 2016, Pak Army Budget 2016-17, Finance Budget 2016-17.

The budget is being proposed new tax of Rs 250 billion, stationery, cement, cigarettes, drinks, map-up equipment, pynts varnish, Anjum oil, Ogra, functional, canned milk and is considering a proposal to impose a tax on poultry feed when 2% withholding tax on vehicle leasing, increased the tax on electricity for commercial customers 10 to 12 percent and continue to suggest a tax on super rich.



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