Ramadan Recipes in Urdu

Download Ramadan 2016  Special Iftar Recipes in Urdu & Videos.Ramzan is the holy month which holds spiritual importance for the Muslims. The whole month is celebrated as a festival and special arrangements are made not just for the prayers and pious deeds but also for the two special meals of the day, Iftar and Sehar. Ramzan menu and Ramadan recipes are full of tempting and mouthwatering foods.

Muslims fast in the month of Ramzan and after an all-day fast they enjoy the scrumptious meal set on the table. Fried, spicy, sweets, snacks, drinks and all other yummy foods is a part of the Ramadan recipes and preparations.

‘Suhur’ or ‘Sehri’ is a meal consumed by Muslims in early morning, before fasting, just before the sunrise, in the holy month of Ramadan.Iftaar is a meal we look forward to, the entire day. In Ramadan special preparations are done for iftaar.

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