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Al wida Alwida Mahe Ramzan Naat Wallpapers

always coming in the last Ashra of Ramadan which is full of starvation or gets rid of our evils and vices as well as sins which a lay man or women did in his or her life cycle of the year. In this day people embellished or adorned their houses, bazaars, areas and Masjid’s and folk perform special times of prayers, nawafils and Salat tul tasbeeh as well as recitation of the Quran Pak and people utilize special kinds of dresses and scents more fragrant by closing their shops and winding up their tasks and mobile to words masjid’s to perform his full of blessings day is called the Ramadan Jumma (Friday) tul Wida and also is called the Alwida Alwida Jumma or Ramzan Kareem.

Alwida Alwida Jumma Tul Wida Last Friday Wallpapers

When the first call of Jumma Azan is coming then all the people leave their works and move towards their houses for the preparation of Jumma tul Wida. Some are busy in pressing dress mostly the all Muslims wear in Friday day white shalwar kameez because he is the best dress for this day.

ramadan jumma mubarak



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