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PTI Chairman Imran Khan Speech 18 July 2016 Dailymotion.Punjab  18th July 2016. Imran Khan Speech Bagh Jalsa 18 July 2016. PTI today Bagh Jalsa in Punjab. PTI Imran Khan LIVE Speech Bagh Jalsa 18th July 2016 Live stream currently. Imran Khan will Address PTI Bagh Jalsa 18 July 2016. Imran Khan Bagh Jalsa 18 July 2016 Punjab.

Watch Online full PTI jalsa and Imran Khan Speech in Bagh Rally on 18 July 2016 in . complete speech and Live streaming. Online – Pti Bagh Jalsa 2016 Imran Khan full Speech video.

PTI Bagh Jalsa After The Panama Leaks PTI held successful Jalsa in Bagh 18 July 2016. The jalsa ground was jam-packed with more than a hundred thousand people there were energized to bring change Pakistan in the coming general elections. PTI Bagh JALSA IMRAN KHAN SPEECH 18 JULY 2016 below here at this post.

PTI 18 July 2016 Live Update

We urge Imran Khan to opt out of the system and build a tehreek for establishing a clean modern and Islamic system. It is possible if we want it. This system can’t give justice to the people, it needs to be demolished after all we have seen so far.

We don’t want commission, we want justice without any delay now. The least we can settle for is that don’t imprison the corrupt just get the money back. And let’s move on and build a system where no corrupt, bank defaulters, criminals can rule the country. Its not about political parties it’s about the people of Pakistan.

Imran Khan Speech (Full)

The event started with speeches from youth wing and local PTI officials and the PTI chairman Imran Khan.

Imran Khan Message for People of Pakistan

PTI Tsunami showed up once again with Imran Khan. People were enthusiastic and passionate about being part of PTI tsunami of change and Imran will take this tsunami soon to Islamabad.



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