(Qurbani ki Fazilat) Ka Bayan & Azeem Usshaan Fazeelat.Qurbani. The animal should be chosen from healthy stock without any visible defect.
Sheep and goats must be at least one year old and count as one share.
Cattle must be at least two years old and count as 7 shares per animal.
Camels must be at least five years old and count as 7 shares per animal.
Animals should not be blinded, emaciated (sick), toothless or with broken limbs, preferably the ears and tail should be whole, but not a necessity.
Sharpen your knife prior to putting the animal down for slaughter.
Ensure that the correct size knife is used to slaughter the animal swiftly.
Feed the animal, give the animal water and sooth the animal, show kindness and mercy to the animal.Ensure the area of slaughter is clean and clear of live animals.
Make provision for Blood drainage, fly control and general cleanliness.
Lead the animal to its slaughter humanely. Once Umar (RA)saw a man dragging a sheep by its leg to be slaughtered, he said: ‘Woe to you! Lead it to its death in a decent manner.’ Do not abuse or torture the animals.
Do not perform the slaughter process in front of other live animals.
Maintain strict hygiene standards.According to the Shari’ah, the legal purification of the flesh of animals requires that the following conditions be met.Make your intention.



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