Online Registration Started GAT General III NTS GAT 2013. GAT Registration will remain open from 26th May to 10th June 2013. GAT (General) 2013 test is held for the under-graduate students who wish to continue their studies to post-graduate level.GAT Result 2013

Filled printed form along with the challan form is then sent to the NTS Headquarters in Islamabad for confirmation. NTS registration form for GAT General 2013 is same as the online form. Online Registration Started GAT General III NTS GAT 2013

(Hons.) / MPhil / MS / MBA (Marketing and Agribusiness) are directed to qualify GRE (General) being arranged by the NTS, or equivalent test duly approved by the HEC to meet the minimum criteria for consideration of their applications for admission. They may visit the NTS website for more information.

Provisional Candidates’ list: 15th June 2013

Queries will be entertained till: 18th June 2013

Roll No. Slip Dispatch Date: 22nd June 2013

Result Announcement Date by NTS: 15th July 2013

Remember the following:

GAT Test Date: 7th July 2013

Advertisement Date: 26th May 2013

Last Date of Submission of Registration Form: 10th June 2013

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  1. asma malik says:

    salam.can anyone help me how to chek final list of 7july nam was in provisional candidate list but after dat i hv no information.even not get any slip through courier.i dnt knw wat to do.

    • Muhammad Nabeel says:

      Here is the link of final list, you can check your information through CNIC number, you will receive your roll number by courier may be one or two days before test, else if you didn’t receive it print it by yourself from this list on test day.

    • huma says:

      i also have that problem ,,,can u tell me yous roll no slip is online visible????
      i also have deposit my fee but still i have received no roll no slip but my name is also not visible online

      • Muhammad Nabeel says:

        I am sorry but I think there is some problem with your application, either your courier didn’t send that to NTS or NTS got some problem with your application. The only solution of the problem is to directly contact NTS head office.

      • Muhammad Nabeel says:

        OR if that was because of your courier problem, you should charge them as a pubishment

    • nazar hussain says:

      we r also waiting for result, so wait for result

  2. Usman says:

    Aoa. I applied for GAT 3 on 8th june 2013 and completed all the procedures but my name is not in the provisional list of candidates what should I do?? reply urgent

    • Muhammad Nabeel says:

      I think your courier didn’t send your application, contact them and find out if your application is received by NTS or not, if yes then NTS mistake you should contact them, else if courier problem them I don’t think anything possible, you should take your money from them then

      • sohaib Altaf says:

        nabeel i just got my roll# slip but there is some ones else pic on to it what should i do. the rest of the information belongs to me . reply urgent

        • Muhammad Nabeel says:

          I don’t think that anything you can do now. Because its too late. So I recommend you to just go for test with this slip. Don’t tell them that it is not your picture, still if you faced any problem there just tell them that the picture is wrong and show them your original NIC card and student card to sure that your NIC number matches one on roll No slip. And also I think you are from Islamabad so I will recommend you to go to NTS office and tell them your query to solve as soon as quickly, and if you are unable to go there then just go there after test day and tell them your problem so that they solve it before you get your result card which will be used later by you everywhere. And about test day follow the procedure I told you, just don’t tell them by yourself on test day and if you face any problem then just do as I say. Best of luck.

      • huma says:

        please you also tell me the solution of my problem ,,,,i also still received no roll number slip for test helding on 7th july ,,,my name is also not visible when i enrt my CNIC to cheak my roll no slip

      • huma says:

        sir u said ky un se mony return kren ,,,,kis se money return kren ,,,bank se ???

        • Muhammad Nabeel says:

          No, NTS walo se, q k agr unki ghalti hai k unho ne courier guma dia aur pohanchaya ni to unko charge krna chahie na, unki wja se aik paka test b reh gya uper se pese b zaya hogaye, agr NTS ki ghalti hai phr what can I say :/ pele confirm ks ki ghalti hai

        • Muhammad Nabeel says:

          I mean courier walo se return krwao agr unki ghalti hai ni to agr NTS ki ghalti hai to phr contact NTS head office

  3. ayesha says:

    please help instead of Cat C in the list it is Cat B. Please help me how to change it . I shall be very thankful to you people

  4. sidra says:

    its important to fill query?plzzzz tell me

  5. sidra says:

    aoa.plz tell me what is ment by query in GAT test .

  6. Maham nawaz says:

    kindly tell me how to print the online deposit slip??

  7. sidra says:

    is it necessary to send print of form if one has only sent deposit slip and id-copy then?????????????????

  8. Afzal says:

    i have accidentally submitted the online application without filling the details..and there is no option to edit the details once the application is submitted????what should i do now???any idea??help plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. tasneem abbas says:

    what is the procedure of registration? plz help me

  10. saadya says:

    hey guy in my application status fee deposit and registration is marked with tick bt there is cross infront of submit application what does it mean is my form accepted

    • After that you have to submit qualification details, Have you submitted that?

      • Anum says:

        plz anyone can tell me I typed my inter marks 650 by mistake and submit my form . what to do now? how to edit 🙁

        • Muhammad Nabeel says:

          Just don’t worry. Submit your form as it is. After the deadline of final application submission there is query round, you can see its date in detail in NTS website in GAT General section for your this GAT General application. But I will recommend you not o worry and just leave it as it is because the GAT marks have nothing to do with your academics and on the result it is not even mentioned. You CNIC is important only. Thanks

  11. saadya says:

    hlo plz can anyone tell how to chek the status of application as the procedure waz chasnged so am not sure my application would be entertained as all the cotact numbers given on the official site are not being answered….can any one help

    • After following all the instructions you will get ticks in front of your status, which means that you have successfully submitted the application, now you only have to send the required documents by means of TCS etc

    • Muhammad Nabeel says:

      And about your application will be entertained or not, you can check your name in the list of GAT general III students, which will be soon uploaded on the NTS website IA

  12. kaleem Ullah says:

    Pleas tell me how to register online because the format has change

  13. hassan khan says:

    can any one tell me how to print the form cuz i have the printer at home and could easily print every type of form in a word format but have been trying to print the gat general form and i give the command but it is not working… can any ono tell me wat to do….thanks

  14. shahida says:

    please provide the information about link page of online registarion form for MS. HOW can i get the form

  15. roshan ali says:

    NTS is a good base of higher euducation and every student should appear to continue thei8r study

  16. aqsa says:

    i want to know that how to download form for gat(general)….? ?

  17. nauman sadiq says:

    online registration ma postal adress ki jaga e ni,kis adress pa wo post karan ga?

  18. sabah zaib says:

    I don’t the procedure of registration for gat general.How can I download its registration form? kindly help me

  19. Is it important to apply online?

  20. Rabia idrees says:

    What is the registration process of nts gat???

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